• Angela Sanchez

Why Image Skincare is your new must have skin essential!

In early 2017 I sat down and thought about what my clients were really needing my support in. I was the one stop shop for tanning, lash extensions, and waxing but the questions kept arising of what I would recommend for their skin. At this stage I didn’t have a product line to offer for at home skin solutions, or advanced skin treatments and really wanted to make sure I was delivering high quality, results driven treatments.

This is when I went into research mode to find the absolute best professional skincare line that had high percentages of ingredient technology and would actually have a structural change in the skin. Meaning that it wasn’t just going to sit on top of the skin and make the skin feel good.

In a flooded market of anti – ageing skin creams and brand your own products to make a quick $$, there was absolutely no way I was going to take my decision making lightly when it came to my clients skin.

5 months of trialing 16 different brands, I came to the decision of stocking Image Skincare. Not only did I fall in love with the products I was using every day, my skin was saying thank you for the added hydration it was receiving. In my 15 years of Beauty Therapy I have never seen such an incredible selection of Clinical Couture Peels that I could customize to every single client that was to walk through my door. Yes I finally found a solution for everyone. It was also very important to me that the products were NOT tested on animals and there were no parabens or synthetic fillers in the ingredients and to top it off the packaging is biodegradebale, which means you are doing your part for the environment to. I like the fact that they put more money into their ingredients than into creating pretty boxes to put the products in, which is why you will find most of the products are not in boxes.

After carefully analyzing the survey I put out to my clients, I also became aware that they were going to a different clinic to have microdermabrasion, LED treatments and were very interested in advanced results driven treatments that would help with the main concerns. On the top of the main concerns list were pigmentation and ageing. This is why I invested in the absolute best Non-surgical skin tech machine on the market and designed a program that was going to get my clients skin fit over a 3 month period with 10 professional treatments at Beautorium.

Image Skin Care has a simple philosophy which is Image Now, Age Later. Its been created by a surgeon Dr Marc A. Ronert and I absolutely love that a portion of the company’s profits go towards the Care for Skin Foundation, where Dr Ronert performs reconstructive surgery on children in need.

So far we have had an incredible response to my clients skin using Image Skin Care and would absolutely love for you to come in and have a complimentary skin consultation and skin care diet designed and customized to what your skin care goals are.

My personal favourites from the range are the Ormedic Balancing Cleanser, The Ultimate Prevention Plus SPF 50 moisturiser, and I love to use the Illuma Brightening Serum under My Brightening Night Cream. This is focusing on my core 4 products which is perfect to get started with when being introduced to a new range and then you can look at the add on products of eye creams, exfoliants and masks later.

Click here to shop all your Image Skin Care products www.beautorium.com.au/shop

If you have any questions relating to your skincare needs then I am always happy to help.

You can purchase your Skin Fit Program for $1590 and yes we have ZipPay Available, credit card options or a 3 installment payment plan for you.

Text " I WANT TO GET SKIN FIT" to 0424 481 778 and I'll be in touch.

Stay Gorgeous Inside and Out

Angela Sanchez xoxo

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