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What is the Best Peel for your Skin?

I was having a conversation with a client earlier today and I felt the need to share this with you all as the question keeps arising….. Do I have to keep having skin treatments after the Course of Peels, what happens to my skin afterwards?

Well the truth is, every minute of everyday our skin ages, and when it comes to environmental conditions we are putting our skin through on the daily, it really makes you stop and think about the reasons why your skin can be congested, dull or dry and flaky, for example airconditioning, heating, Free Radicals from smoke or car fumes - they can all contribute to our skin continually changing. Not to mention our gut health and how this can have a dramatic affect on those random breakouts or acceleration of ageing.

So my answer is simply YES – However the beauty of every minute of every day in our lives means, some genius is developing another piece of machinery that will help us turn back the clock. I mean think of LED phototherapy, developed by NASA to keep plants alive in space for longer, and now the technology mimics that to help our skin rejuvenate, regenerate, heal, calm, kill pea acne bacteria and work on our pigmentation. The other side to this is that I tell all my clients that they are at their bathroom sink morning and night, so 70% of the results they will achieve will come from their homecare.

"I don't have great skin - I have great skincare "

As mentioned in my previous blog, I spent about 5 months researching the skin care range I use for professional treatments and one of the biggest reasons why I fell in love with Image Skincare was due to their Results Driven Clinical Couture Designer Peels.

When I looked into the possibilities I had to make a real change to a clients skin I became dedicated to creating a Skin Fit Program that would assist in taking the clients skin on a journey of Skin Health. I would find out the clients skin care goals through a personalized 1 on 1 consultation and with the clients commitment to 10 treatments every 2 weeks, I was then able to prep their skin to being able to handle the more advanced Peels within the range as we progressed throughout the program. After Skin Fit is complete we work out what the next skincare goals are for the client and work out the maintenance treatments in between the next course cycle.

There is always room for the one off treatment that is just going to freshen up your skin and bring vitality to it for a special occasion. No worries, its just my main objective is long term skin health, and although there is a quick pick you up option, results come from continual work, just like how you would continually go to the gym to STAY fit and maybe do a Boot Camp 1-2 times a year.

So Which Peel is right for you?

Always at every treatment your skin will be diagnosed to see what will be suitable for that day. There are no 2 skins alike, and there are no 2 peels alike either. So your safest option is leave it to your professional skin therapist and allow a plan to be customized for you.

My favourite all rounder is The Signature Facelift with LED for 20 minutes afterwards for ultimate rejuvenation, this peel is especially ideal for those with redness-prone, dry or dehydrated, or dull skin is also a boost if you’ve just had microdermabrasion or are recovering from the aging effects of smoking. The peel works to accelerate cellular renewal, the key to getting your freshest, healthiest skin to the surface, while firming and uplifting skin.

This specific Peel has 4 layers to it and helps strengthen, brighten and totally revitalize skin with the incredible ingredients and technologies of Vitamin C, Hylaronic Acid, Pineapple and Papaya Fruit Enzymes, Centella Stems Gx, and LUMINESCINE.

Can I get a #YESPLEASE

So with all that being said, I have a numerous amount of clients looking in the mirror each day, wishing they could have “better skin” and I’m all about self love and being comfortable in your own skin – BUT there is so much ingredient technology out there now that can really make a difference to build more confidence and turn back the clock to help you “Age Later”.

I cant wait to treat you so book your next appointment with me today www.beautorium.com.au

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