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Lets Talk Sugaring


The body sugaring method of hair removal is originally considered to be an ancient Egyptian art back to 1900 BC, even purportedly used by Cleopatra herself! The Persian women were the first to approve a hairless body of beauty and youth. In ancient Egypt, Greece, and Middle Eastern countries, removing body hair was incredibly important. In fact, these women removed most of their body hair (with the exception of their eyebrows), not to mention the Egyptian women that went as far as removing their head hair. Even having hair down under was considered uncivilized by most Egyptian, Greek, and Middle Eastern standards. This is why they ultimately made use of a sugaring paste or wax called ‘moum’ made of sugar, water, and lemon for removing hair. The paste was applied in the direction of hair growth, covered with a piece of muslin cloth and pulled off when cooled. This was considered to be the most effective and natural way of removing body hair. This ancient Egyptian art of hair removal has only recently been revived in the modern age, as smooth, hairless skin is the desire of a majority of women today.

Knowing what we know now, we can conclude that body sugaring is one of the best methods (if not the best!) for hair removal. It is the safest, least painful, and most effective (both in cost and application terms) when compared to others.


Simply put, sugaring is an al natural hair removal treatment that has been practiced for centuries. A gel consisting of sugar, lemon, and warm water is used to extract hair deep down from its root out of the pore. When applied, the sugar based paste is moulded only to dead skin cells and hair, not attaching or removing any live skin cells, making it far less abrasive than wax and ideal for all skin types (YES!!! Even for sensitive skin and Eczema). Sugaring removes hair while it is in the early growth stage as young as 12 to 14 days which minimizes unnecessary discomfort, irritation, and ingrown hairs, all while exfoliating dry skin cells and forget that it’s also a natural moisturiser to your skin. The result is beautifully smooth skin with next to no mess. While the process may be similar to generic waxing, people have described it as far less painful since the gel is not adhering to your actual skin. To top it all off, there is very little clean up needed due to the gel being water soluble, unlike most waxing products. With sugaring, you're always guaranteed to have a sweet experience.


It’s virtually pain free for regular waxers:

* The sugar paste attaches only to the hair and not the skin.

* It’s less painful than waxing for clients who convert to hair removal from shaving.

* It removes the hair in its natural direction of growth.

* It decongests hair follicles so the pain reduces with every treatment as the hair roots become weak and challenged.

Goodbye to ingrown hairs:

* Ingrown hairs are virtually eliminated.

* Less hair breakage than waxing!

* It’s faster and you can get ‘Sugared’ again sooner:

* Hair as short as 1.5mm can be removed.

* It’s a natural and a safer option:

* Safe on varicose veins and spider veins.

* Safe on itchy, psoriasis or eczema-prone skin.

* Suitable for all skin types, hair types and skin conditions.

* Enjoy the benefits of a product so natural you could eat it.


On the day of your appointment, you're going to want to shower, lightly exfoliate, and cleanse your skin of any possible surface oils and/or lotions. Hair as short as 2mm can be removed. First time visitors should allow at least 2 to 3 weeks full of growth if you have been waxing or shaving for optimal results and while sugaring does not hurt like waxing, there is a little sting. . We also advise that you come to your session wearing comfortable clothing that is loose-fitting and light-coloured. Loose-fitting clothing is important because it is crucial to not provide any direct pressure to the skin after sugaring. It also makes it much easier for your Sugarist to work around clothing, which you may choose to keep on. Light-coloured clothing is recommended because the dyes in dark clothing can (on rare occasion) seep into the hair follicles that are opened during hair removal. Waxing during your menstrual cycle is also not recommended. During your cycle, your body is more sensitive due to hormonal changes, thus causing the treatment to be more painful than necessary. On your follow-up visit, please allow 2-4 weeks of hair growth to maintain perfectly smooth skin. If you wish to achieve a result of significant- permanent hair reduction, BSA Sugaring treatments will need to be performed consistently at 2-3 weekly intervals for a 12-18 month period. This is a time frame and number of treatments required as IPL or laser but no risk or injury or pain during treatment and no shaving in between treatments either. The more frequent, the better the results in the long term.


Sugaring it’s a journey and like all other forms of hair removal it requires commitment and persistence, especially if you have been a shaver. To achieve the buttery soft, supple and skin conditioning results of a body sugaring experience you would need to commit to a least 3 treatments and use the BSA (Body Sugaring Australia) Aftercare System.

Why should you use AFTERCARE SYSTEM?

It provides an intense and complete skin conditioning system to achieve the best possible Body Sugaring results. Dramatically reduces pain experienced by clients during the treatment as hair sit softer in the root system and will glide out effortlessly when sugared. Significantly reduces chronic ingrown hair problems and associated inflammation, preventing ingrown hairs returning or developing.


Until Next Time Stay Gorgeous Inside and Out .

Renata O'Neill xoxo

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