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Hi there,

Welcome to Beauty Secrets with Angela Sanchez.

Yay! I'm so excited that I have created another platform for my clients and beyond to be apart of The Beautorium Movement.

Not only do I have the pleasure of treating and servicing clients for all their beauty needs in Beautorium - House of Beauty, I can now share valuable education and advice on topics in which you've always wanted to know the answers to!

I'm spilling the secrets of the beauty industry and knowledge from my own personal experience and extensive research that I have found.

PLUS I'll be partnering with experts within the beauty industry, because lets face it, the title "beauty and wellness" is one of the fastest growing buzz words in the world and there is just so much information out there that it can become quite overwhelming.

Day upon day I get asked and emailed so many questions about:

  • Skin problems

  • How I get my skin to glow and not have a wrinkle (I always find this so surprising, but I definitely have a few things up my sleeve that help)

  • Best skin internal supplements

  • What's the best makeup colours for my skin

  • How I run a business, be a mum and still manage to get my makeup done in the morning.

I live and breathe so passionately my will to inspire people around me everyday. So what better way to go one step further and pop it all in one place and publish it out to the world!


"Where Focus Goes Energy Flows"

- Tony Robbins.

I absolutely love this saying and it really gave me the push to get this blog up and running. The focus to actually sit down and write has to be intentional for me but I'm having so much fun with it!


2017 has started off with a BANG!

I cannot believe that it's already March!

I have been busy hustling away, making the salon look and feel amazing for clients when they come in after completing the re-brand last year. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the new branding and feel so pumped being able to work in such a stylish atmosphere everyday!

NEW WEBSITE - www.beautorium.com.au

Tell us what you think of our new look website. It's so easy to navigate your way around and is mobile, iPad and desktop friendly with all up to date services, times and prices with all the contact details and easy location of where to find us.

Join our mailing list HERE and never miss an update.


The ultra convenient way to book your appointments to save back and forth messaging. The words "Time is of the Essence" comes to mind when I'm trying to juggle motherhood, give present time with my family and the increasing amount of time I am servicing clients.... This Booking System ensures you are getting in first with your preferred time for your appointment. Check it out HERE.


This video shows clients that although Beautorium is a home based beauty salon, once they have entered Beautorium's doors they will always be greeted with personal customer care and WOW'D at my set up and forget they just parked in a suburban street! I take so much pride in my business and to take up 2 rooms in our house to be able to have a professional set up I have to make it successful.

Massive thanks to Shotgun Media for an outstanding job. If you or someone you know are ever in need of a video for your business definitely get in touch with them.


Stay tuned details will be released soon!

"Give the gift of experience " Our new look gift vouchers will be launching soon and every voucher purchased for Mothers Day will receive a special BONUS gift.

That's all I'll share with you just now but I'll finish by thanking you for taking the time to read this and if you don't want to miss a thing make sure you are signed up to our mailing list.


Stay Gorgeous Inside and Out

Angela Sanchez

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